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Stay Ahead in 2024 Bathroom Trends with Fleurco’s Newest Arrivals!

Stay Ahead in 2024 Bathroom Trends with Fleurco’s Newest Arrivals!

At Fleurco, we are dedicated to redefining ordinary bathrooms into havens of modern elegance and functional luxury. We are in tune with the changing preferences of homeowners, designers, and architects who are always searching for the next standout trend in bathroom design. That’s why we’re thrilled to show you how our latest arrivals will take your bathroom experience to new heights, while reflecting the pulse of contemporary bathroom trends. If you’re planning a luxurious bathroom revamp or initiating a fresh, upscale concept, and can’t decide between ultra-modern chic and vintage elegance style, let our new products guide and inspire you! They not only cater to a wide range of design preferences but also ensure you’re perfectly aligned with what’s next in bathroom decor!

Bring Nature into Your Bathroom Décor

A bathtub and a floating vanity surrounded by plants in a cozy nature-inspired bathroom setting

Source: Trendbook Marmite 2024

The allure of nature’s tranquility and beauty has never been stronger in bathroom design. Homeowners and designers alike are increasingly drawn to elements that evoke the serenity of nature. Fleurco has responded to this demand with the ARIA STONE Collection; a line of solid surface bathtubs that not only embrace the nature-inspired bathroom trend but also raise the bar for what luxury and longevity should look like. Designed to replicate the graceful allure of natural stone, Aria Stone bathtubs come in an array of nature-inspired hues that harmonize effortlessly with any décor, evoking the calming nature vibes you’re aiming to achieve in your bathroom. Some Models, like Calla & Lys, have a glossy interior and a matte exterior, creating a stunning contrast that adds elegance and sophistication to your bathroom.

A matte white bathtub with a glossy white interior from the aria stone collection by Fleurco, standing out in a retro bathroom design.

Source: Lys Bathtub

Other Models, like Lucia & Lukas, have an integrated shelf giving you extra space for your relaxation essentials, be it a book, candles, or soaps.

While the Aria Stone Collection exudes the aesthetics of nature, their solid surface material guarantees that your bathtub remains as stunning as the day it was installed. Ready to live a luxurious & timeless bathing experience? Explore the entire collection here.

The Rise of Rounded Bathrooms

A spacious white bathroom with a fusion of light wooden accessories. It features an open space concept where round shapes dominate.

Source: Pinterest

A floating wooden double vanity decorated by 2 oblong mirrors in white bathroom evoking a calm ambiance.

Source: Pinterest

Drawing inspiration from the call of nature and our ever-growing need for intimate, tranquil sanctuaries, bathroom designs in 2024 are taking a notably softer approach by shifting from sharp angles to embracing the elegance of round shapes and curves. These rounded elements, whether in mirrors or bathtubs, evoke a calming, spa-like ambiance while also offering an illusion of expanded space, especially in smaller bathrooms. The blend of round designs with contemporary finishes strikes a balance between timeless and trendy, subtly connecting the space to natural elements. For those redesigning their bathrooms, integrating curved features can provide not just a chic look but also a serene, warm, inviting environment. As highlighted in the Marmite 2024 Trendbook, the prominence of round shapes aligns seamlessly with the 'intimate heaven' design style, emphasizing spaces rich in comfort, safety, and harmony. To create this style in your shower experience, explore Fleurco’s Select Monaco round top shower shield, and the NEW Gia bathtub from the Aria stone collection, both designed with delicate soft lines to convey comfort & convenience.

Further embracing this trend, Fleurco’s new models of round and oblong LED mirrors not only enhance visual charm but also prioritize functionality with their advanced LED lighting.

Brushed Gold: Shimmering Luxury

Brushed gold is making a resounding comeback in 2024. This finish, known for its muted luster and warmth, transforms bathrooms into serene, luxury retreats. Recognizing its unwavering appeal, Fleurco has expanded its shower door range to feature this exquisite finish. Collections like Gemini & Gemini plus, Horizon, Skyline, Select K2 and Station are now ready to wrap your bathroom space in a warm, luxurious glow. For more ideas & inspiration about how to indulge your bathroom in luxury, explore the brushed gold trend in modern bathroom design.


As we navigate the horizons of 2024, bathroom design is continually evolving, harmonizing modernity with timeless elegance. From nature-inspired aesthetics, the gentle embrace of curves to the radiant touch of brushed gold, Fleurco's newest arrivals are more than just products; they are experiences, each telling a story of luxury, comfort, and unparalleled quality. Ready to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and serenity? Dive into the world of Fleurco, and let your bathroom echo the most sophisticated trends of 2024!

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