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Experience the luxurious look and feel of
FIBO by FLEURCO Wall Systems
and say goodbye to scrubbing tiles!

Tiled walls are beautiful but high maintenance. Residue buildup occurs after every shower and if not scrubbed frequently, can become quite unhygienic. Fibo by Fleurco Wall Systems not only provide the luxurious look of natural wall coverings, but are extremely easy to maintain. The unique, patented Aqualock click system ensures the wall will be 100% waterproof (Fibo sealant required). Just follow the installation steps, and you’re guaranteed a wall that will look great and last for years to come.


Specifically designed kits are pre-measured to accommodate all standard shower enclosures with minimal scrap

Available sizes.

ALCOVE | 48" x 38" | 60" x 38" | 72" x 38"

2 SIDED | 48" x 38" | 60" x 38" | 72" x 38"

CORNER | 38" x 38"

Easy as 1-2-3!

Our Fibo by Fleurco Wall systems are easy to order - All parts needed for installation are included

See the many benefits of Fibo by Fleurco Wall Systems compared to traditional tiles:

Low maintenance
No grouting
Quick & easy fittings
Simple to work with
Easy to cut
Warm to touch
*Fibo sealant required
**Use a mild, non-abrasive, non-bleach cleaner for washing your Fibo by Fleurco walls
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limited lifetime warranty
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What is Aqualock by Fibo?

The patented Aqualock click system creates a flawless waterproof look with invisible joints. Installation is quick and provides consistent results.

arrows pointing to backing, laminate and sealant. aqualock by fibo logo

What are Fibo walls made of?

arrows pointing to layers of fibo walls. hpl 100% waterproof membrane. 7-layer marine grade wood.reinforced vapor barrier backing.

3 luxurious patterns available

Cracked Cement

Smooth finish

cracked cement

White Marble

Smooth finish

white marble

Shabby Chic

Textured finish

shabby chic

Plus 3 optional accent panels to complete any look

Grey Concrete

Grey concrete

Black Slate

Black Slate

White Slate

white Slate

Want even more flexibility?

Create your own unique look with the new Fibo by Fleurco FLEX Series. All of the same great features of the original program, now in easy to use 24" panels.

Experience the look of luxurious tile with our 4 grouted patterns:

Denver White M74

Glossy smooth finish

denver white m74

Tile size:
11.81" x 3.94"

NEW! Grey Cement

Smooth finish

grey cement

Tile size:
24" x 24"

NEW! Oslo

Glossy smooth finish


Tile size:
12" x 2"

NEW! Grey Sahara

Textured finish

grey sahara

Tile size:
24" x 16"

Fibo by Fleurco Wall System Installation


Yes, FIBO by FLEURCO walls can easily be cut with a circular saw or tabletop saw using a laminate blade.

Yes, FIBO by FLEURCO walls can be installed around a window inside the shower zone. See guide here.

Yes, FIBO by FLEURCO walls are completely waterproof when installed with FIBO sealant as instructed.

No, FIBO sealant serves two purposes. First, to keep water and humidity out and secondly, as a glue to adhere the panels together. The warranty is only valid when FIBO sealant is used.

No, but allow FIBO by FLEURCO walls to adjust to room temperature and air humidity for at least 72 hours prior to installation.

FIBO by FLEURCO walls carry a limited lifetime warranty.

FIBO by FLEURCO walls can be cleaned with a non-abrasive dish soap and warm water solution. Other products such as Fantastik without bleach, Formula 409 and Windex ammonia free can also be used.

FIBO carries a UL 723 fire test, CARB 93120 ATCM compliant, TSCA Title VI compliant and ASTM E1333 Emission test.

Yes, however please consult a professional contractor or installer prior to installation. We are currently working on specific guidelines for this type of installation. Please check back with us soon.

Yes, FIBO by FLEURCO walls can be installed in a steam environment of up to 176°F however FIBO by FLEURCO walls can not be installed in saunas.

Allow Fibo walls to sit in room temperature for 72 hours prior to installation. Not suitable for saunas.

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