Thank you for visiting our website to learn about the vast product offering from FLEURCO.

FLEURCO works directly with approved dealers and distributors so that you partner with trained professionals to ensure that the FLEURCO product you purchase will last you a lifetime.  Selecting the correct product is an art as the bathroom is distinct as it has water flowing through the space. Any decisions made without guidance can result in costly repairs. Ensuring that the proper product fits the area allows you to rest assured that you have made the correct decision with proper guidance. With this knowledge you also have the peace of mind that FLEURCO will support you with any issues you may encounter.

FLEURCO strongly encourages you to use our dealer locator on our website under Store Locator to find and purchase your FLEURCO product from one of our approved dealers/resellers.

Using approved dealers assures you that:

  1. Your delivery will occur in a timely manner

  2. You will receive the latest version of our product

  3. You will have our full 10 year limited warranty on shower doors, bases & bathtubs, 5 year limited warranty on lighted mirrors, medicine cabinets, Aurora textured bases & accessories

  4. You will not receive used or second quality product

  5. You will receive an original FLEURCO product. There are many counterfeit lines trying to pass themselves off as FLEURCO. These copies although look similar are in no way representative of the original. Buying “fake” units is very costly in the short and long term.


FLEURCO is the fastest growing line of showers nationally. Should you wish to verify a dealer or find a dealer in your area please contact us.


Thanks for choosing FLEURCO