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How to Measure an Opening for your In-line Glass Shower Door

Gemini Plus in-line sliding shower- Fleurco

Taking the proper measurements for your in-line glass shower door is an important step when building your new Fleurco shower. Simply follow these six easy steps and have your measurements on hand when placing your door order


Tools needed: tape measure, level, pen and paper to record your measurements.


Step 1: To begin, draw your shower door opening on a piece of paper.


Step 2: Measure the opening width along the curb and record it on your paper. Repeat the process at the middle and at the top of the shower opening, recording the measurements on your paper.


Step 3: Place your level on the right wall, starting at the bottom. If the wall is not plumb, adjust the level. Take and record the measurement between the edge of the level and the wall, if needed.


Step 4: Move the level up the wall and record a second measurement at the top of the opening.


Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the left wall and record any measurements, if the wall is not plumb.


Step 6: Place the level on the curb at the base of the shower opening. If it is not plumb, adjust the level and record the measurement.


If you need assistance at any point during the measuring process, please contact Fleurco’s customer service team. We are always happy to help.

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