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Bathroom Design Trend: Minimalism

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Bathroom Design Trend: Minimalism

The bathroom often serves as a place of refuge within the home. It is an individual oasis for self-care. That’s why the clean, simplistic quality of the minimalism design trend lends itself so well to this type of space. No longer cold or sterile, today’s minimalism feels intentional and inviting. The uncluttered and streamlined style offers a calming quality to your home. Here are a few ways to incorporate elements of the minimalism design trend into your bathroom.


An element of intrigue

The idea that in order for a space to be minimalist it must be void of colour and vibrancy is a common misconception. In fact, a minimalist interior is at its best when it features thoughtful pops of vivid hues and contrasting tones. Prints and patterns may not be a fit here, but a single splash of colour in the shower tile, accessories or in a rug will bring life to the bathroom.


Bathing beauty

A freestanding bathtub featuring classic, sharp angles will effortlessly integrate into the minimalist bathroom. Match the drain cover with the other hardware in the bathroom to bring a sense of added dimension and cohesion to the space.


Less is more

When it comes to storage solutions in the minimalist bathroom, the less you see the better. You can still keep a few select products tucked into a niche shelf or arranged on a sleek towel bar, but the larger bulkier items are best kept tucked in the cabinet. Use integrated storage options to keep your bathroom design clutter-free such as an LED medicine cabinet which serves double duty as a modern source of light while providing optimal storage.


No doors necessary

Extend the minimalist appeal of the bathroom into the shower area through function and design. Select a walk-in shower panel or shield for a luxurious and spacious look. Free from extra details or accessories, this panel will not only add to the simplistic quality of the space, but it will allow the shower experience to feel open and freeing.

By integrating these elements into your minimalist design, you will achieve an elevated, functional and welcoming bathroom space that you will love for years to come.

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