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Create a Spa Bathroom at Home

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There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa. The soothing environment does wonders for the mind, body and soul. While it’s difficult to get away, you can give yourself the gift of serenity by creating a rejuvenating and peaceful setting in your own space. Here are a few ways to create a spa bathroom at home.


Dreamy design
A serene space starts with a calming color palette. Opt for neutral hues or a white color scheme for a light and airy feel. Incorporate elements like wood, bamboo and greenery to add a natural touch and bring the outdoors inside.


Streamline your space

Keep your vanity and counters clutter-free for a truly Zen experience. Tuck away cosmetics, toiletries, bottles and brushes in well-appointed drawers and medicine cabinets. Removing visual clutter will allow you, and the space, to breathe.


Soak it all in

Let your stress slip away as you soak in a bubble-filled tub. Freestanding bathtub designs are the ultimate indulgence and instantly create a spa-like surrounding. Keep soap, lotions and candles within reach for a little extra pampering by adding a niche close by.


Let it rain

Open up your space by installing a glass shower door. Not only will it give the illusion of a bigger bathroom, it will provide a more relaxing shower environment. The incorporation of a rain-shower head can take your shower experience from ordinary to extraordinary. As well, the addition of a shower seat provides the opportunity to sit back and relax under a luxurious shower rain head.



Appeal to all of your senses for the complete spa experience. Wrap yourself in warmth with ultra soft, high-quality towels and robes. Pamper yourself with a variety of scented bath products. Use soft or indirect lighting from a lighted mirror to enhance relaxation. For a final spa touch, include speakers to play your choice of relaxing music.


Follow these simple steps to create your own at-home spa bathroom paradise and it will soon become your favorite room in the house!

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