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What is the Best Shower Door Configuration for You?

When planning a new bathroom project or a shower remodel, have you ever found yourself lost in the various shower door choices? Does the thought of matching design aesthetics with functional space make you second-guess your decision? And if you are an interior designer, how many times have you wished for a clear guide to help your clients understand why a Pivot isn’t ideal for their tiny guest bathroom?

We’ve all been there! Deciding if a walk-in shower will work in a compact space, or if a corner shower design will complement your sleek bathroom tiles, requires attention to the smallest details. The task of choosing the right shower door seems straightforward until you start considering all the details represented by the different configurations & styles of shower doors in the market! That’s why we’re offering you a comprehensive guide to navigate you through the choices of Sliding, Bypass, Pivot, Walk-in, and Corner glass shower doors. We’ll show you how each configuration fits various bathroom layouts, the design mood it best evokes, and its alignment with different lifestyles and life stages. With our advice, you’ll find the answers to transform your bathroom project from a source of stress to a destination for relaxation and style!

Sliding & Bypass Shower Doors

Bypass shower doors feature a pair of sliding panels that glide past one another, allowing entry from either side of the enclosure without requiring the clearance of traditional swinging doors. Their dual-side entry feature gives more flexibility if you decide to switch up the layout of your bathroom.

Sliding shower doors differ slightly, offering a single sliding panel to access the shower. Both doors are a practical choice for smaller bathrooms where every inch counts. Homeowners with pre-installed bathtubs often favor these tub doors for their compatibility with standard tub openings, typically measuring 60 inches in width. They are also a popular choice for family bathrooms where their practicality shines and contributes to a more expansive feel and aesthetic elegance. These glass shower doors evoke a modern, minimalist, and efficient function. For installation, it’s vital to ensure that the tracks are level and secure, which might be a project for professionals to guarantee longevity. This type of shower door is generally more budget-friendly and suits a practical lifestyle where ease and functionality are paramount.

Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot doors consist of a single outward swinging door, with or without a fixed panel. They swing open like a traditional door, requiring space but offering a timeless appeal. They are ideal for medium to larger bathrooms and offer a smart solution for narrower shower entrances where sliding panels might not be feasible. They command a strong design presence, making a bold statement in both contemporary and traditional decor. Installation requires precision, a minor misalignment can cause problems, that’s why professional installation is recommended. The pivot shower door is a mid-range investment, perfect for those who appreciate a blend of classic style and function in their daily routines.

Walk-In Shower Doors

Walk-in Showers offer an open entry to the shower space for an airy feel. They represent European style & minimalist luxury and can be incorporated into any sized bathroom, although it stands out more in spacious designs. These doors are for those who desire an open concept bathroom environment, often inspiring a spa-like mood. They are universally accessible, making them an excellent option for all life stages, including seniors or those with mobility concerns. They are also easy to install since they don’t require measuring for door clearance. Walk-in showers represent a higher-end budget choice and suit a luxury-oriented lifestyle that values clean lines and open spaces.

Corner Shower Doors

Corner showers are designed to maximize space in compact bathrooms without compromising on style. They are particularly fitting for individuals or couples in urban living situations where space matters. With options like the neo-angle door that cuts across the corner, or the square or round enclosures that fit snugly into corners, these doors create an illusion of more space while offering a dedicated shower area. The design can be customized to reflect the homeowner’s personal style. Sleek frameless glass doors give a contemporary and spacious feel, while framed doors with decorative glass can evoke a more classic or cozy ambiance. The budget for corner showers can vary, allowing flexibility for different financial considerations and lifestyles.

Some other considerations that you need to think about to help you even more in choosing your next glass shower door:

Shower or tub enclosures

Most of Fleurco shower doors are available for in line or 2-sided shower or tub enclosure. Choosing between them can largely depend on the users’ lifestyle and bathroom size. A shower enclosure is ideal for those with an active lifestyle who value speed and efficiency. It’s also a space saver in smaller bathrooms. Tub enclosures, on the other hand, are the cornerstone of family-oriented bathrooms, offering the dual benefits of practicality for bathtime with kids and a private escape for a tranquil soak after a long day.

Framed or Frameless?

Deciding on framed versus frameless shower doors involves balancing aesthetic desires and functional needs. Framed doors offer a traditional look and are typically more budget friendly. They also provide a robust structure and can support heavier glass. Frameless doors, however, are sleek and modern, offering an unobstructed view that can make a bathroom appear larger. The absence of frames simplifies cleaning, although they require a more complex installation process.


The selection of a shower door is a powerful touch that defines a bathroom’s character and functionality. You must consider the bathroom size and layout, the desired aesthetic, and who will be using the bathroom most. For families and high-traffic bathrooms, durability and space efficiency are key. For a more luxurious, spa-like ambiance, the elegance of a walk-in or frameless design may be the right choice. Additionally, never underestimate the importance of professional installation. It ensures your selected door operates smoothly and looks as flawless as intended, offering peace of mind and adding value to the home. Remember, the right shower door not only complements the design but enhances the entire shower experience! Choose from our endless shower door possibilities and live the Fleurco experience, where every shower door opens to a world of sophistication and relaxation!

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