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Shatter Retention Technology - Safety for you and your family.

What is S.R.T.?

S.R.T. stands for SHATTER RETENTION TECHNOLOGY. It is a transparent film bonded directly onto the glass panel by means of an adhesive to improve safety by retaining the pieces together in the event of glass breakage.

What are the benefits of S.R.T.?

S.R.T. film provides an added layer of security for you and your family. In the event of an accident, S.R.T. prevents the tempered glass door from shattering into thousands of pieces which could cause damage.

How is S.R.T. applied?

Application is performed by a specialized machine. Application by hand is very difficult as it creates many air bubbles.

The film is always installed on the exterior side of the panels as to not affect the Microtek® coating on the interior.

The film is not meant to be removed and removal should not be attempted.

How durable is S.R.T.?

S.R.T. is very durable. It has been tested for long-term usage against chemicals and abrasives and meets the required standards.

How do I clean glass treated with S.R.T.?

There is no special requirement for cleaning an S.R.T. treated shower door. Cleaning with a damp cloth using a mixture of vinegar/mild soap with water is recommended.

shattered glass remains intact with SRT film
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